Top 10 List of Benefits of Pulling your own parts

Top 10 List of Benefits of Pulling your own parts

Top 10 List of Benefits of Pulling your own parts
@PicNSave Self Serve Auto Parts Yard

PicNSave Self Serve Auto Parts Yard

Self serve auto parts yard, you-pull it, u-pull-it, wrecking yard, salvage yard, used auto parts yard, used car parts yard….. different word, same thing.

Here are the 10 reasons and benefits to picking your own parts at one of our yards.

  1. We allow you to buy any single part big or small off of any car in the yard. We pass on the labour savings to you.
  2. arts are sold at a discount of between 50 – 90% of retail, depending on part.
  3. All parts come with a 90 day exchange warranty.
  4. Every single engine is tested and marked on the car so you know if you are buying a part from an engine, it will be running well. No other U-pull-it in North America tests their engines. You can purchase your part with confidence that it will work after spending all the time pulling and installing it.
  5. Only our yards, are laid out by make and model to make it efficient and easy to find the cars you are looking for. Cars are on stands to allow you to get underneath the car safely and remove any part you need. Our yards are exceptionally clean.
  6. All our sales staff have industry mechanical parts knowledge. Feel free to ask them any questions
  7. Pic N Save Auto Parts (PNS) has 70 years of experience in the auto recycling industry
  8. PNS has the largest selection of late model cars available in a you-pull-it anywhere in North America, let alone Toronto, Southern Ontario and Niagara regions. No matter if you are driving a Ford Focus, Honda Civic, VW Jetta, BMW 3 series, Pickup truck, and anything in between, we have hundreds of cars at any one time to choose from.
  9. Although most of our competitor’s yards are filled with cars that were brought over a scale for scrap, over 95 % of our vehicles are purchased from insurance companies as insurance write-offs. We purchase cars that were all running prior to accident, parts are all functioning and they are lower mileage vehicles.
  10. And the #1 reason to buy your used car parts at a local Self Serve/U-pull-it yard is…There is no other yard in North America with a better selection of good quality wrecked cars.