How to Remove a Passenger Seat

How to remove a passenger seat

In this “how to” video by Lisa Herve at Pic N Save, Lisa demonstrates how easy it is to remove your own used auto parts at a self-serve yard. Today, Lisa is removing a passenger seat from a 2008 Honda Accord.

Step by Step Instructions on Removing a Passenger Seat

  1. You will need a 14mm socket and an extension
  2. First, you will remove the seatbelt which is attached to the seat.
  3. You will need to slide the seat back in order to do this.
  4. There are two bolts in the front, unscrew both of those.
  5. Once the front bolts are unscrewed, slide the seat forward and move to the back bolts. Remove those.
  6. Once all the bolts are removed, you should be able to lift the seat up and unplug anything that is underneath such as an airbag or the heated seat.
  7. It’s as simple as that!