Pic N Save specializes in selling high quality recycled auto parts at discounted prices of up to 90% off new retail prices. We aim to provide our customers with a constantly changing and vast inventory of newer and older vehicles with an emphasis on imports unique to the self-serve market. This coupled with a helpful and enjoyable shopping experience cannot be found anywhere else. can

About Pic N Save Self-Serve Auto Parts

Pic N Save is not a stranger to the used auto parts industry in Southern Ontario. My grandfather, Nathan Katz, started Dominion Auto Recycling in 1947 on McNab Street in downtown Hamilton. In 1955, my grandfather moved the business to 404 Fruitland Road in Stoney Creek, where Pic N Save Stoney Creek is currently. Over the course of the next 70 years, while being passed down through three generations, Dominion Auto Recycling grew to be one of Ontario’s premier late model auto recycling businesses. In June 2007, the company, located on Fruitland Road in Stoney Creek, was sold to LKQ Corporation.



Pic N Save was an idea born out of a local need for late model auto parts from good cars at very low prices. We cater to the do-it-yourselfers, mechanic shops, body shops, used car dealers or just about anyone willing to do a little work in exchange for savings of up to 90% on an auto part. We try our very best to offer a constantly changing inventory of newer and older vehicles with a particular emphasis on imports, unique to the self-serve market. Our yards are all organized by make and model to make finding our parts easier than any competitor. Our facilities are cleaned daily for the safety of our customers. Interchange is available at every facility to help determine which years and models are compatible with your needs. Tires are off the cars, checked and organized in our used tires buildings and trailers. We offer installation for all the tires we sell.

You pull the part at any of our u-pull it yards but we try and make the experience as easy and customer friendly as we possibly can.

Pic N Save Auto Parts has been open in Hamilton since 2012. We are thrilled and proud to be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. Woodstock, in partnership with Posner Metals and Ram Metals came 2 years later in 2014.



Environmental Benefits

Our vehicle disposal process recycles everything that we can. Our recycled and discounted automobile parts offer our customers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to purchasing from traditional auto parts sources. Parts that can be refurbished (i.e. radiators, alternators, compressors) are sold for re-manufacturing. Many vehicle fluids including gasoline, oil, and antifreeze are also recycled. Ferrous and nonferrous metals are recycled and sold for reprocessing in new products. This reusability reduces the amount of new products that need to be manufactured and the amount of raw materials and energy needed to create them.

Our Mission Statement is simple:
“To provide the highest quality automobile parts at the lowest possible rates.”


Rewards Loyalty Program

Our VIP Rewards card gives you 5% off every purchase with only the swipe of your card. Good as cash at Pic N Save.