How to Remove a Bumper

How to Remove a Rear Bumpe

Step by Step Instructions on Removing a Bumper

In this “how to” video by Lisa Herve at Pic N Save, Lisa demonstrates how easy it is to remove your own used auto parts at a self-serve yard. Today, Lisa is removing a bumper from a 1998 Acura.

  1. You will need a crowfoot or a flathead and a star head screw driver to pry off the clips
  2. With this particular bumper, Lisa cannot remove the screws because they keep spinning due to the rust on the quarter panel
  3. In cases like this, you can just pull it off as long as you don’t break the bumper
  4. The other side is the same in that there is so much rust, it is impossible to get the screw out
  5. Just pop it out
  6. Next remove the clips, be careful as they do break easily
  7. With these, you will want to pull up in the middle and that will make it easier to get it out rather than pulling the entire clip from the bottom
  8. The middle should pop up and then it should be easy to remove
  9. She has removed all the hardware making it easy for bumper to just pop off