What is a Self Serve Auto Parts Yard

What is a Self Serve Auto Parts Yard

12,545,439* cars registered in Ontario in 2018

14,659616** population in Ontario

86% of people have a car in Ontario

Every car breaks down and needs to be fixed and serviced at some point in time, some more than others. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer (DIY), a mechanic or body shop owner, who wants to pay full retail prices for new auto parts or used auto parts. No one ever!!!

This is the thought behind Pic N Save’s (PNS) Self Serve Auto Parts yards in Hamilton and Woodstock Ontario.

What is a self serve/you pull it (u-pull it) yard? It is a large outdoor yard filled with hundreds, sometimes thousands of wrecked cars written off by insurance companies and then purchased by PNS. We purchase cars that were all running prior to accident, have lower mileage with major parts functioning. Once cars arrive in our yards and prior to them being put out into the yard for our customers, all cars are drained of all fluids in compliance with Ministry of Environment regulations and protocols.

How can you purchase parts? The process is simple


Bring your own tool

Sign a digital liability waiver

Pay a $2 entrance fee

Be directed to the appropriate row

Pick your parts

Our yards are laid out by make and model to make it efficient and easy to find cars. Cars are on stands to allow you to get underneath the car safely and work on it. Then it’s up to you to pull whichever car part/parts you need.

Conventional wrecking yards only sell larger parts only as complete assemblies for much higher prices. With our PNS yards, we allow you to buy any single part, big or small, and we pass on the labour savings to you. You can buy a wire pigtail, a fuse, window switch, an AC vent, a coil etc. at discounts of between 50 – 98% of retail, depending on the part.

Inventory is online at www.picnsave.ca – Hamilton Inventory and Woodstock Inventory. If we don’t have the car you are looking for we have something called Interchange. Interchange is a software program that allows us to see which other car and part matches the car you are looking for. Please call our yards or come in for Interchange. We can also alert you by email when the car you are looking for comes into either of our yards. Just fill out the form on the homepage of our website.

We stand behind our product. All parts come with a 90 day exchange warranty.

*Statistics Canada
**Ministry of Finance